What I Offer

If you are thinking of Selling

  • I will come to your property free of charge for an initial meeting to establish whether I can be of assistance and provide value for money.
  • I will produce a written report on the property which will highlight all relevant aspects, good and bad, and indicate actions that will result in a smooth sale. This will be charged on a time basis, agreed at the initial meeting.
  • If I am required to help in the sale, I will then arrange and attend all interviews with agents; help select the right agent on the best terms; monitor the sale for its duration, attending regular meetings with the agent and clients; advise on the bidding process; and monitor the sale to exchange of contracts and completion.
  • My charges will be 0.25% – 0.5% of the sale price achieved, exclusive of the agreed costs (including VAT if applicable) and the Selling Agent’s Fee.

If you are thinking of Buying

  • I will meet you to discuss your requirements and give general guidance. This will involve no charge.
  • I will provide advice as to which buying agent is the most appropriate, negotiate the terms and oversee the search.
  • My charges will be 0.25% of the purchase price, exclusive of agreed costs (including VAT, if applicable) and the Purchasing Agent’s Fee.


Increases to Stamp Duty

Now that the 31st March deadline has passed, the increase of 3% on all second home purchases is an unavoidable reality. The hiatus created in the rush to exchange contracts before the deadline is finished …
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