The Gullet Estate

A private peninsula near South Pool on the Salcombe Estuary with 1.5 miles of water frontage.

The estate consists of principal house, home barn and boat house, swimming pool and beautifully landscaped walled gardens, six further cottages, 35 acres of foreshore with jetty and 22 moorings, all situated in 156 acres of land.


I was introduced to Martin by a very good friend. For years my friend had extolled the virtues of this ‘Top Man’ at Savills. When I first met Martin, I gave him a pretty tough time as I had a particularly complex multi-site high value private estate to sell on behalf of my client. I told him I only ever wanted to hear straight talking and for him to be brutally honest as we moved forward and that this sale would be one of the most challenging of his career. Martin did not disappoint, we sold everything extremely well and achieved it in one of the worst recessions for many years.

I can unequivocally endorse Martin in all aspects of Real Estate and have found him to be a genuine person who has a deep sense of what’s appropriate. He enjoys an incredibly in-depth knowledge of his market, the people and knows just how to pitch the most difficult property. It will come as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed working with Martin and wish to continue to be associated with him not only as an excellent business minded agent but as a friend. In short Martin is ‘old school’, he is a man of his word, does what says he will do and delivers. Martin has a strong belief in building relationships which will last for generations.

Gary Godfrey